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The twelfth bottling of Eleanor Bourbon. The twelfth chapter of the story of Eleanor and Valentine Weiss dated 1887.

Class Type: Bourbon finished in re-charred American Oak
55% alc/vol
110 Proof
Single Cask
Distiller – MGP, Indiana
Entry Proof – 120
Cooperage – Kelvin
Finishing Barrel – We dumped 3.5 yr old Eleanor bourbon from MGP and moved it into another MGP barrel that we broke open, re-charred, then resealed. Aged for an additional 9 months
Final Age – 51 months

Tasting Notes:

Nose: orange citrus, black tea, brown sugar, cherry, walnut
Palate: black tea, sugar, walnut, barrel spice
Finish: barrel spice, walnut waxy note, brown sugar

Tasting Notes Video:

Eleanor and Valentine – Chapter 12

“Dammit, Valentine, how much longer before we can drink this whiskey?”
Valentine took an unlabelled bottle out of a cabinet and poured him a sip. Napoleon threw it back and let out a whoop. “Did you bring that from Kentucky?”
“I did. Ours won’t taste exactly like it, but that’s the idea. It takes four years. One more to go.”
“What will we call it?”
Valentine corked the bottle and put it back in the cabinet.
“I know what we’re gonna call it.”