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Crowded Barrel is stoked to ship our spirits throughout the US to 41 states. That's right, you no longer have to come to Texas to pick up your product...except if you live in the following states: Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah & Idaho. If you live in one of the states listed above, we hope you have a friend in a nearby state that you can get you your stash.

NOTE - If you were intending to pickup your bottles at the tasting room, you need to purchase them here instead!

12 days 1

The 12 Days of Whiskey

Now available to purchase online to ship straight to your door, this is the spirit of Texas all in one box.

Ironroot Republic Distilling
Devils River Whiskey
Balcones Distilling
Andalusia Whiskey Company
Milam & Greene Whiskey
Treaty Oak Distilling
Still Austin
Tahwahkaro Distilling Company
Real Spirits
Gulf Coast Distillers
Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling
Lone Elm Whiskey - Five Points Distilling

12 - 50mL Bottles  |  $160

Phoenix Whiskey


Phoenix Whiskey

Class: Whiskey
Size 750ml
46% Alc/Vol
92 Proof
8 Barrels
Distiller: MGP, Indiana
Entry Proof: Unknown
Cooperage 53 gallon, Used Oak
Age: 15 years

15 year old Light Whiskey from MGP, re-distilled to 138 proof and bottled at 92 proof.



Sloppy Poncho Straight Bourbon


Sloppy Poncho Straight Bourbon

Sloppy Poncho Straight Bourbon
Class Type: Straight Bourbon
Wheated Bourbon
46% ABV
92 Proof
2 barrels
Distiller – Giant Texas Distillers
Entry Proof – Unknown
Cooperage – 53 gallon new oak
Age: A few months over two years

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Green cut grass and snap peas, honey oats, and soft botanicals

Palate: honey nut cheerio, cereal and cream

750ml - $60


Silly Goose Vodka

Class Type: Vodka

40%-  Alc/Vol
80 - Proof
Distiller - Gulf Coast Distilling

OK, I’ll be the one to say it. Most vodka is all fancy—no pants.

When it’s not pushing a convoluted process or moonwalking over crystallized unicorn farts, an elite advertising team is weaving tall tales about its pedigree.

Did you know that GOOD vodka is the easiest liquor to make? Don’t believe me? Ask your local distiller how it compares to any other spirits. Better yet, try a blind tasting of random vodkas with some friends.

At Crowded Barrel, we don’t believe in the silliness and artificial hype about vodka. We just love it for what it is: a simple ingredient for delicious cocktails and good times. You won’t find any spokesmodels or pinky waving poshness here. Just a beautifully clean spirit, distilled on the Gulf Coast, and married with Texas rainwater to a smooth 80 proof.

Give Silly Goose a try. You can always go back to drinking rented tuxedos and sparkle ponies. But when it comes to your vodka, we think the shenanigans should happen around your bottle—not in it.

Now go put your pants on, it’s not that kind of party… Or is it?


Silly Old Goose Vodka

Class Type: Grain Spirits aged in oak barrels
40%-  Alc/Vol
80 - Proof
Distiller - Gulf Coast Distilling

We took vodka from Gulf Coast and stuck it in a barrel. Why? Because we could. It makes really good cocktails 🙂

You're Welcome Aged Gin

You're Welcome – 375ml
Class Type: Gin aged in Oak Barrels

Size: 375ml
54.05% ABV
108.1 Proof
5 - barrels
Distiller – MGP
Blender - Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co
Entry Proof – varying 107 to 115
Cooperage – 15 gallon new oak
Aged - 4 months

This one caught us by surprise. We thought it would be interested to age some gin in new oak barrels. We filled 5 fifteen gallon (char 3) new oak barrels and planned on sitting on it for at least a year or so.

By mistake, (thank god), we checked it at 4 months, and it turns out that it was incredible. Just enough oak that it turned into a product that was more than half whiskey toned. It's like a vanilla cream direction whisky flooded with gin botanicals.

So we bottled it and then immediately refilled the barrels, so we can see what happens next.

You're going to love this one.

Nose - Classic Gin botanicals of lemon and orange, hint of a deeper almost floral note. Developing into vanilla cream with a slightly toasted layer of almonds

Palate - honey cream followed by rich botanical spice finishing in a slightly toasted wood note. Lingering woody sweetness lingering in the aftertaste

$25 - 375ml


Assassin's Mead 2


Assassin’s Mead – Stryker Barrel
Class Type: Distilled Spirit Specialty
Spirit distilled from grapes and Honey
Size: 375ml
54.5% ABV
109 Proof
1 barrel
Distiller – Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co
Entry Proof – 110
Cooperage -25 gallon new oak
Age: 13 months

Details – We distilled a “Mead” that was Orange Blossom Honey and Muscat Grapes. Then put it into a used Andalusia Stryker Barrel for 13 months.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Ash and Deep honey cream

Palate: hint of barrel tannin, drifting into soft vanilla cream with laced ashy smoke, finishing in deep rich lingering honey



TXWF batch 4

Texas Whiskey Festival Batch 4 – Alliance Bottling - Ready to Ship!

Age: at least 2 years
116.1 proof
58.5% ABV
One Barrel
Distiller – San Luis Spirits (1876 Bourbon), Yellow Rose Distilling, and Shire Distilling
Entry Proof – Unknown
Cooperage – New Oak
A blend made up of 3.5 yr Old Bourbon from San Luis spirits, 2yr old Bourbon from Shire Distilling and 4yr old Bourbon from Yellow Rose Distilling

Nose: Dark toasted molasses and green tea honey, baking spice and honey granola, heavy herbal notes

Palate: Dense honey cream, green herbal tea, and rich tannic charred wood finish

375ml - $40


Alliance Release - MGP Ingredients Light Whiskey

MGP Light Whiskey – Alliance Bottling

Age: 15yrs and 2 months
110 proof
55% ABV
One Barrel
Distiller – MGP Ingredients
Entry Proof – Unknown
Cooperage – USED
Light Whiskey distilled at MGP. 99% corn and 1% malted barley mash bill

Nose: Dark Vanilla Cream with oak tannin, hint of dark cherry and chocolate cream

Palate: cherry cream soda with a mildly spicy finish lingering barrel pepper

Alliance Release - Balcones Rumble

rumble bottle

Alliance Release - Balcones Rumble

Age: 4yrs and 8 months
119 proof
59.5% ABV
One Barrel
Distiller – Balcones Distilling
Entry Proof – Unknown
Cooperage – ISC

Nose: Light fresh burst followed by dense chocolate cream, dusty fruit, plum, charred sugar edge

Palate: unrolls in oil and fruit filled chocolate notes becoming a dry tannin barrel spice with a heavy lingering oil in the finish



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Eleanor Batch 4
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