Crowded Barrel's tasting room is officially closed to the public by request of Hays County and the Governor of Texas. However we will still be available on Friday's and Saturday's during our normal business hours for bottle purchase and pickup.

You can purchase online and head to the distillery to pick it up, or you can simply head over to the Fang and Feather during open hours.

The two bottles we have for sale right now are:

Eleanor Chapter 9.6 - Used Oak aged Bourbon Mash

Texas Whiskey Festival Blend Batch #2

Thank you so much for your support, and stay safe out there!

-The Crowded Barrel Family

Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co is the world's first crowd sourced distillery.

Located in South Austin, it sits next to the campus of Wizard Academy, It’s a tiny little whiskey hamlet with a massive tribe of whiskey followers.

Born as a product of Whiskey Tribe, we source, distill, age, finish, and bottle the most interesting whiskeys we can think of. You can sample our creations by joining us in the Fang and Feather tasting room.

You can join the adventure by joining the Patreon and help us choose what whiskey goes into the bottle.

We’ll see you soon.