Who Are We

In 2016, Rex Williams and Daniel Whittington started a YouTube channel called the Whiskey Vault. In a little over a year, it became the biggest whiskey channel on YouTube. The incredible community of whiskey lovers that surrounded them garnered the title "Whiskey Tribe", and an entire community was born. It also spawned a second Youtube channel that is now the second biggest whiskey channel on Youtube.

Today, Whiskey Tribe is a growing community of whiskey drinkers bonded together by a love of the Water of Life and a love of community.

In 2018, the distillery officially opened with a goal to create whiskey for and by the community. They gather in the email list, the private Facebook group, and the Patreon page. Participation in the Patreon allows the community to have a voice in all aspects of the whiskey creation from grain to glass.

The vision for an interesting crowdsourced whiskey journey has led to the creation of two brands under the parent company V Weiss Whiskey.

Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co is the whiskey of the Tribe. Together we go on whiskey quests to create the most interesting bottles of whiskey we can imagine using all the resources at our disposal.

Crowded Barrel Alliance Series is the whiskey brand that became one of America's first Independent Bottling Companies focused on doing special releases of existing distilleries and focusing the spotlight on the amazing craft whiskey movement in America.

The Fang and Feather is the official tasting room of the distillery.