Snake Bite Amburana Tequila- 750ml


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Snake Bite Amburana Tequila

Snake Bite Amburana Tequila
Spirit – Blanco Tequila Finished 27 hrs in an Amburana Barrel
Size: 750 ml
Proof – 100
ABV – 50%
Distiller – NOM 1414
Produced in Arandas, Jalisco Mexico bottled by Crowded Barrel

Deep within the jungles of Brazil, people have long whispered the legend of “Boitatá”. A monstrous snake driven from the depths of the earth, with sword length horns and eyes of flame – she is the protector of the forest. Locals have sustainably cultivated Amburana oak from Boitatá’s forests to age artisanal spirits for generations. Snakebite marries an exquisite Mexican tequila with the exotic character of Amburana oak barrels to deliver a spirit worthy of the legend.
Notes of Pineapple / Creamy Cinnamon / Salted Lime / White Flowers

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