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UPDATE – Unfortunately, this one sold out really fast. Just FYI, we’re holding back about 4 cases so that we can sell it at the distillery and offer it for tastings or by-the-glass until it’s all gone.

The good news? We’re already working with Acopon Brewing to repeat this entire exercise. So a re-release of Chapter 10 – Stout Cask should be happening again soon!

The tenth bottling of Eleanor Bourbon. The tenth chapter of the story of Eleanor and Valentine Weiss dated 1882.

Class Type: Whisky Distilled from a Bourbon Mash
53.75% ABV
107.5 Proof
Single Cask
Distiller – MGP, Indiana
Entry Proof – 120
Cooperage – Kelvin
Finishing Barrel – Emptied from Eleanor, filled with Imperial Stout by Acopon Brewing, refilled with MGP Eleanor and finished for 6 months
Final Age – 40 months

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Spearmint and milk chocolate nose, light honey and spice, black tea middle.
Palate: Middle core of milk chocolate cream and mint / honey, finish of barrel spice and black tea.

Eleanor and Valentine – Chapter 10

They called him “The Shadow” because he walked in darkness both to and from work. Many had never heard him speak. His cabin was an alchemist’s laboratory, billowing smoke at odd hours and littered with old stills, vials, and gauges.

His distillery produced a bourbon renown throughout Kentucky, but insiders went to his back door for the good stuff.

Ten years after she died the master distiller quit his job, packed up his equipment, and left town without a word. Valentine was going home.

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