Design Your Own Whiskey


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Design your own whiskey from grain to bottle. When it’s aged to your satisfaction, you can claim all the whiskey it produces and the whisky barrel itself.

Come visit the distillery in person, and spend a day with us working on the design of your whiskey.

We’ll keep you in touch with the progress along the way, so you can make the next decision in the story. It’s like the best pen pal you’ve ever had.

You’ll get a several hundred bottles of whisky designed to your specifications that can be gifted to friends, clients, or coworkers. Or you can hord it in your basement for the apocalypse.

Total cost is $10,000.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Choose Your Mashbill
  2. Choose your yeast and fermentation style
  3. Choose your heart cuts
  4. Choose your barrel type and size
  5. Choose how long you age it
  6. Choose your bottle proof
  7. Choose from one of our bottles sizes
  8. Choose your label
  9. Get your bottles

A barrel of whiskey produces between 200 and 300 full size (750m) bottles.

Once you have signed up, we will schedule a time for you to come visit us in person and work your way through the first decision points.

Let’s go on an adventure together.