You're Welcome - Aged Gin

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You’re Welcome – 375ml
Class Type: Gin aged in Oak Barrels
Size: 375ml
54.05% ABV
108.1 Proof
5 – barrels
Distiller – MGP
Blender – Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co
Entry Proof – varying 107 to 115
Cooperage – 15 gallon new oak
Aged – 4 months


This one caught us by surprise. We thought it would be interested to age some gin in new oak barrels. We filled 5 fifteen gallon (char 3) new oak barrels and planned on sitting on it for at least a year or so.

By mistake, (thank god), we checked it at 4 months, and it turns out that it was incredible. Just enough oak that it turned into a product that was more than half whiskey toned. It’s like a vanilla cream direction whisky flooded with gin botanicals.

So we bottled it and then immediately refilled the barrels, so we can see what happens next.

You’re going to love this one.

Nose – Classic Gin botanicals of lemon and orange, hint of a deeper almost floral note. Developing into vanilla cream with a slightly toasted layer of almonds

Palate – honey cream followed by rich botanical spice finishing in a slightly toasted wood note. Lingering woody sweetness lingering in the aftertaste