The Royal Bastard - 375ml

Class Type: Whisky
50% alc/vol
100 Proof
Single Cask
Distiller – Royal Brackla
Entry Proof – Unknown
Cooperage – Unknown
Royal Brackla teaspooned with an unknown malt to create “blended malt”. Aged a few days further in Texas in a used MGP bourbon barrel. Bottled at cask strength.
Age: 13yrs in Scotland. A few days in Texas.

Nose: Citrus, honey, spice, bit high proof, earth and grass. hint of plum
Palate: Rich fruit sweet, followed by earth and honey, spice of pepper throughout. long finish.


he Royal Bastard is finally here.

Over a year ago, we worked with Secret Spirits to acquire a barrel of 13yr old Royal Brackla. Once it was finally in the warehouse in a tote, they “teaspooned” it to change the classification from “single malt” to “blended malt” which allowed it to be shipping to us.

“Teaspooning” is when you add a teaspoon of another single malt to a large qty of another single malt specifically to create a blend. Blended scotch is allowed to leave Scotland in a tote. Single malt is not. 

It took another 6 months to get it from there into our distillery where we moved it for a VERY short amount of time into a used bourbon barrel that used to hold MGP bourbon (Eleanor). Then we moved it back into the tote.

Now, we’re releasing it at cask strength. And it’s very expensive. We’re going to use that money to buy a new still for the distillery.

We’ve been needing to upgrade the still since we started. We’re still working off of a “baby’s first still” sized 26 gallon pot still. We’re looking to get a 200-300 gallon pot still. We decided we could either get outside investment, get a bank loan we would have to figure out later, or give you guys the chance to get involved and buy Crowded Barrel a new, adult-sized still.

So these half bottles are going to be $90. And all the money from this round will go directly to upgrading our distillation process so we can start creating actual whiskey together.