Texas Whiskey Festival Blend #1

This whiskey is the first bottled distillery collaboration in the history of Texas. We combined the spirits from 3 Texas distilleries into a magical elixir.

58% ABV
116 Proof
Distillers – Ironroot Republic, Balcones DistillingAndalusia Whiskey Co
Class – Blended Bourbon Whiskey
Age – 2yrs

Released – April 2019

Tasting Notes

This whiskey kicks open the door like a Texan roughneck wearing boots of black molasses and pipe tobacco. Sliding up to the bar, it perches thick and heavy. A coin spins across the wood and buys a whole bottle.

A pour, and a layer of sweet coffee and spice hang in the air.

Patiently, a sip. Barrel char bitter and a worn leather satchel tug on memories of better days. Another drink. A bit more this time. Soft caramel and vanilla peek out from behind the veil.

“She was the best of me…”

Silence falls over the room as it rises and fills a glass for everyone at the bar. Bottle empty, it glides out the door on a trail of mesquite-black and honey-gold.

Ironroot Republic – Bloody Butcher Corn Bourbon Whiskey & Special Purple Corn Bourbon Whiskey
Balcones Distilling – Mirador Single Malt Whiskey
Andalusia Whiskey Co – Stryker Single Malt Whiskey