Errant Barrel – Batch 1 – 375ml


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Errant Barrel Whiskey Batch 1 – 375ml
Class Type: New make Malt from Scotland aged in Texas – “Whiskey”
Size: 375ml
54.65% ABV
109.3 Proof
5 – barrels
Distiller – Island Distillery in Scotland
Blender – Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co
Entry Proof – varying 125 then 110
Cooperage – 5 gallon new oak then 53 gallon used oak
Aged – 5 months in 5 gallon new oak barrels. Dumped, proofed to 110 and refilled into a 53 gallon Buffalo Trace Barrel. Then aged for another 14 months. Total age – 19 months old.


We received a 1,000 liter tote of Scottish Island New make. We filled 4 full size barrels and more than a dozen 5 gallon barrels. The 5 gallon barrels got really oaky really fast, so we moved them. This release is the first batch of whiskey that we think is ready.

Tasting Notes:

Nose – deep honey and fruit bowl, papaya, apricot, and toasted vanilla cream

Palate – light tropical lift with dark brown sugar and toasted notes. hint of pipe tobacco. Low oil and light touch finish.