Eleanor 1884; Chapter 11.3 – 750ml


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The eleventh bottling of Eleanor Bourbon. The eleventh chapter of the story of Eleanor and Valentine Weiss dated 1884.

Class Type: Straight Bourbon finished in Whisky Barrels
57.85% alc/vol
115.7 Proof
Single Cask finished in an ex-Islay cask
Distiller – MGP, Indiana
Entry Proof – 120
Cooperage – Kelvin and Unknown
Finishing Barrel – Emptied Eleanor bourbon from MGP moved into an Islay Barrel. In the Islay barrel for 9 months.
Final Age – 4.5 years

Tasting Notes:

Nose: orange, brown sugar, dark cherry, plum, spice
Palate: orange, brown sugar, dried fruit (plum/fig), black pepper spice on mid palate, oak, nutty, waxy candy

Tasting Video:

Eleanor and Valentine – Chapter 11

Valentine arrived with a wagon full of equipment. Folks thought he was a tinker and ignored him as he plodded along and finally came to a stop in front of the house he built 15 years earlier.

There were 5 mature apple trees out front, limbs heavy with fruit. Napoleon spoke from the porch. “I give ‘em away to whoever wants them.”

“She’d have liked that.”

“It was her idea. Round here most of the pies come from your trees.”

“It’s settled then. We’ll sell whiskey and give away apples.”

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