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The fifth bottling of Eleanor Bourbon. The fifth chapter of the story of Eleanor and Valentine Weiss dated 1864.

57.5% ABV
115 Proof
Single Cask
Distiller – MGP, Indiana
Entry Proof – 120
Cooperage – Kelvin Cooperage
Age – 39 months

Tasting Notes: Low barrel and wood spice notes. Lighter notes of dried hay and corn dust. Mid range spice notes, and very mild caramel. Low on the sweetness scale.

Eleanor and Valentine – Chapter 5

The last letter they got from Valentine was in May. Napoleon came home in December missing a foot and 30 pounds lighter. Eleanor ran across town to the Weiss porch where family and friends were gathered to hear the news.

“Valentine is alive, but he’s at a prison camp in Georgia.”

Hiram Weiss held up his hand and everyone stopped talking.

“Which camp?”

Napoleon looked at his father and then at Eleanor and then at the ground.


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