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The third bottling of Eleanor Bourbon. The third chapter of the story of Eleanor and Valentine Weiss dated 1860.

57.4% ABV
114.8 Proof
Single Cask
Distiller – MGP, Indiana
Entry Proof – 120
Cooperage – Kelvin Cooperage
Age – 37 months

Tasting Notes: Rounded  butter caramel and rich honey with corn dust and fresh hay. Light barrel spice.

Eleanor and Valentine – Chapter 3

That summer there was a party for the graduates of the Franklin County schools. The boys would take up their father’s professions. Most of the girls were preparing for domestic life. Eleanor was leaving town to attend a women’s college.

At the end of the evening, Valentine found her and touched her elbow. She turned and he said, “Before you go, I have something for you.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a red apple.

Her mouth fell open, and she gasped.

“It was you!”