Our first rye releases are cask strength releases of from various distilleries. The first Boosh Rye is from Poland. We'll continue to source interesting rye and add it to the Boosh label as we go. 

Simultaneously, we are working on distilling our own products to either bottle separately or use as ingredients in overall blends. 

We also do independent bottling of other distilleries and single casks and blends. 

Boosh Rye

Boosh Rye 1

Boosh Rye - First Release

This is the first Rye Whiskey released by Crowded Barrel. It's a single barrel from Kazuba and Sons in Florida that was originally brought in from Poland.

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Class Type: Rye Whiskey
TBD - Proof
Single Cask
Distiller - Polish distillery, imported by Kazuba and Sons, bought buy us
Entry Proof - unknown
Cooperage - Unknown
Age - 6+years

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet Bread and baking spice, low pepper, more butter scone and honey, rose floral

Taste: Mid bready notes, molasses, cherry candy cane with flowering cinnamon/pepper

Finish: dry honey, lingering pepper and candy