Wall of Remembrance

The Western Wall of the Crowded Barrel Distillery has become the place for us to fly flags to honor the people who loved us and the moments that made us. Each flag bears either the name of a loved one or a major milestone in someone’s life.

“Memorial” flags honor the lost. “Milestone” flags mark major events.  If you would like to add a flag to the wall, you’re in the right place.

We’ll charge $1 to cover the cost of a flag, envelope, and postage. In the US it may be a bit cheaper, and postage to the rest of the world may be a bit higher. The US MBs will help support the cost for MBs from around the world. There’s no profit involved in this. If we can get the cost lower, we will. 

  1. Order a Memorial or Milestone Flag here.
  2. We will mail it to you.
  3. Use a sharpie to write a name or moment on your flag.
  4. Mail it back to us.

Below is a photo gallery of the current flags hanging outside the the distillery.

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